Counseling and Mentoring

Counseling and Mentoring

Counseling and Mentoring

As objective, empathetic, trusted and long-term partners to our clients, we learn a lot about them.


We understand 2nd generation challenges.


We coach and mentor clients’ children in business and academics.

Sharing and Sustaining

We help you plan for your heirs while also promoting socially responsible, sustainable investments.


Understanding the 2nd Generation

  • For clients who are unsure about what kind of support their children need, we suggest our 360-degree LaIF Abundance Assessment.
  • For clients who have already identified the area of need, we recommend a coaching session to help assess the best way forward.
  • Our CEO personally conducts the assessment for all clients and their children.


Growth through Mentoring

  • If possible, we also provide the follow-up service ourselves
  • For more in-depth and/or longer-term needs, we engage our specialized and accredited partners from our network
  • We help our clients across generations to engage all resources and meet needs holistically.


Sharing and Sustaining

  • Sometimes our objective and empathetic assessment process leads to a request to mentor our clients’ adult children (18 to 40 years old).
  • These services include – but go way beyond – classical succession planning.
  • Past and current projects include teaching portfolio management skills, and career and academic coaching for university students. Our consulting projects provide hands-on guidance to assume greater responsibility for the family business and/or finances in general, as well as for the implementation of new endeavors altogether.

LaIF Partners

LaIF Partners is an acronym for Laemmel Investment Fitness. Christina Laemmel founded the consulting firm 7 years ago. Our mission is to help clients grow their businesses with an abundance of resources.

LaIF Partners is honored with the client requests to engage as mentor to their adult children (18 to 40 years old).


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